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Hello Everybody,

I can’t believe that October is already here, and we only have a couple of weeks left in China. Not only did we have a week off during Golden Week, but I was able to experience time in Beijing and Shanghai during my relaxing vacation.

Beijing was an amazing experience like no other, and it’s very diverse compared to Tianjin. We took a two-hour speed train ride from Tianjin to get there, and it was really cool experience. I was able to visit the Summer Palace, which is the imperial garden for the Qing Dynasty.  The scenery was so beautiful and breath taking.

I visited the Great Wall of China in the Mutianyu location — it was really the highlight of my trip. Climbing all those stairs was a nightmare but well worth it to see the magnificent view that the Great Wall has to offer. I also had a chance to visit Tienanmen Square which is the city square in the center of Beijing and it’s next to the Forbidden City. It has wonderful architecture that was used for the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

Finally, I had a chance to visit Shanghai, which is located in the east side of China. I had a chance to see the Bund.  It has the most futuristic building that is the most recognized in Shanghai and is located in a waterfront area. I also went to Disneyland Shanghai Resort; it was so enjoyable since I am a true Disney fan. It made me feel right at home. They were singing all of my favorite Disney songs – in Chinese, of course – and they have a bunch of cool things to see that Disney in Orlando does not have to offer. Golden Week was such a great experience and I am still excited to see what my journey in China has to offer me.     


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