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Getting your feet wet: Exploring the Water Sport Department

My second department at Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica was the Water Sport Department. I was able to learn a lot about what all the watersport department holds from important licenses they need to how to run their operations and all the different activities they have on site for the guests. I was able to experience the Watersport desk where I gave guests information about the tours, rented their snorkeling gears and signed them up for tours they were interested in.     

The other half of the day we got to experience the water sports themselves. I went on the glass-floor snorkeling boat trip and sailing. This was an unreal experience as I got to see flying fishes and a turtle. The whole watersport  department made sure we were learning even while having fun. I definitely   recommend anyone choosing this department If you are interested in the Ocean or would like the get your feet wet.

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