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Getting ready for China

By August 23, 2019September 3rd, 2019Marriott Tianjin China Program – Fall 2019

Nǐ hǎo,

Hey, my name is Melody, and this is my first study abroad trip. I’m very excited to be half -way around the world and to experience this new culture.

I really enjoy getting out of my comfort zone and doing new and adventurous things. My initial thought was getting to China and how being on a 15-hour plane ride was going to be very difficult. I set myself up so I had many things to keep me busy on the plane including movies, shows, video games, books, and coloring. Even with all these things I still had a lot of anxiety about the flight.

I am someone that needs to be moving around and in fresh air. But my excitement for this new adventure is what pushed me to moved forward. I am very excited to meet new people, experience this new culture, and eat things that I have no idea what they are. I am a little worried about the language barrier and using the “squatty potty,” but hey, it’s part of it all!

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