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Genova Day 1+2

May 7th, 2023

Today marked the exciting beginning of my hospitality experience in Genova, Italy. The day started with a journey from Milan to Genova with my new friend Keyla. We had finally made it to our apartment but once we arrived we realized we had to climb up ten flights of stairs with our check-in luggage but, it served as a testament to our determination. After some well-deserved rest, my roommates and I joined our classmates for a brief orientation tour of Genova, familiarizing ourselves with the locations of various restaurants and caffès. Once we understood where certain places were we ventured out to explore on our own. This day, filled with anticipation and adventure, has fueled my excitement for the incredible journey that lies ahead. The highlight of my day was the joy of finally arriving in Genova

May 8th, 2023

Today began with a sense of anticipation as we eagerly prepared ourselves for another extraordinary day in Genova. Our first stop took us to the port, where we were shown Eataly. Exploring this culinary haven, we discovered Italy’s finest products, both in the grocery store and the restaurant. Once we finished there we started on a journey to Nervi, a charming fishing village. After a beautiful afternoon in Nervi we went straight into an Italian cooking class, where the secrets of crafting authentic dishes were unveiled. Witnessing the transformation of ingredients into pesto gnocchi, frogasia, and tiramisu was truly magical. However, the true highlight of the day was coming together with my classmates to prepare and savor an unforgettable dinner. Today’s experiences reaffirmed my love for Italian cuisine and fostered a deep appreciation for the art of cooking.

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