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It’s been a crazy couple of days! Where do I even start?

My journey began Friday afternoon when I left Miami. From there we had a layover for a connecting flight from Madrid to Turin. After arriving in Turin, we had to take a train to Genoa. From exciting to hectic, the trip to Genoa was long. However, luckily, I wasn’t going through it alone. I had my two amazing roommates, Melanie and Gladys, sharing this experience with me. We supported and helped each other throughout everything. We finally made it to our stunning apartments in Piazza della Erbe. Not only is very strategically located, but also is very lively and vibrant, surrounded by tiny restaurants, shops, and a gelateria!

– Day 1 in Genoa: We slept until 12:30 pm since we hadn’t slept in 24hs because of our flights the day before, so we used this day to recover our energy. We went to grab a quick coffee with a pastry before meeting with the rest of the group and the professors at Piazza de Ferrari. From there, we walked to nAscensore di Castelletto to the Belvedere neighborhood, where you have a wonderful view of the city of Genova. Also, Professor Rice took us on a quick tour around the city of Genoa so we could orient ourselves. We went to the port, via San Lorenzo, Basilica di San Siro, and more. Professor Rice also pointed out the restaurants, trattorias, and shops we could go to. Finally, we had dinner in Ugo Trattoria, where we had a 3-course Genoese dinner, including Fettuccine Al pesto.

– Day 2: I liked the Mercato Orientale we went to in the morning. At first, it looked like a very casual market with different fruits and fish, but inside there was this modern food court square with different types of food to have lunch! In the afternoon, we took a train to Nervi, which is at the border of Genoa. It was a beautiful coastal town with pebble beaches, parks, and delicious gelato! I also liked the free time in the afternoon when we got to explore the rest of Nervi.

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