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Genoa “The Beginning”

By May 9, 2023May 12th, 2023Hospitality in Genoa

Day 1 (For me)

Saturday May 6th, was not only stressful because I had no clue to where I was it was also stressful because it was the last day of the Hospitality at Sea program. Luckily I was able to get to the apartment a day early so that eased by stress a bit. However getting to the meeting spot from the translation was a little crazy. We did it though and I am so glad to be here!

Day 2 (Day 1 of the program)

Sunday May 7th, was our first official day in Genoa. I was able to meet my roommates and explore the town before we met at Piazza de Ferrari. This is where we meet most days before we start our day. It’s been our “centre.” We met up with the rest of the group around 5:30pm and started our tour of the general area of Genoa. We walked around just to get a hint of where we were and how to get to the main piazza’s. This allowed to me grasp an idea of how to get to and from my apartment. We then went to have dinner at a local Trattoria. That was very delicious.

Day 3

Monday May 8th, was a very fulfilling but tiring day. We walked a lot! We ate good food! And Finally walked some more. Not to mention we also got to be involved in a cooking class! That was lots of fun! At the end of it we were so exhausted that a few of us got on the wrong bus home but still made it back before the others that did not take that bus. It was an experience that I hope to avoid in the future. We made homemade gnocchi, pest, focaccia bread, and another dish that I don’t exactly remember the name of but it had spinach, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, and egg mixed together that was put in multiple layers of dough. It came out flakey and light. similar to a quiche. Oh and finally we made from scratch; Tiramisu!

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