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Genoa Day 9 & 10

By May 19, 2023May 23rd, 2023Hospitality in Genoa

Day 9

We again started off the day super early and took a train to Pisa, took some pictures and got back on the train to Lucca. In this city we had our own time to explore the town and enjoy a nice lunch in the piazza. I got bruschetta and porcini mushroom risotto that was to die for. I then climbed a tower that had the most beautiful garden and the top along with the most spectacular views. After that we walked the wall and again even better views of the green mountains and very vibrant nature that surrounded us. I even found a store that sold Murano Glass where I got my moms necklace as a gift. After we met back up at the train station and took the next train to Florence where we got into our hotel and went to dinner. There I tried Chianti for the first time and absolutely enjoyed it. The wine was smooth and didn’t hit as hard as a Cabernet or Merlot would.

Day 10

It was a rainy day in Florence and we did a short tour of the city and had the rest of the day to ourselves to wonder around and see the amazing architecture and sites. I had been to Florence before and it was my favorite city and still is. I did majority of my shopping there and must have spent well over 400. But it was definitely worth it. The sun eventually came out and we were able to enjoy it more. We then met back up and took the next train out to Rome and had nice dinner there. I had bucatini pasta with a red sauce that has bacon in it that was absolutely delectable and fair my second entree I had the veal saltimbocca that was also phenomenal.

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