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Genoa Day 7 & 8

By May 19, 2023May 23rd, 2023Hospitality in Genoa

Day 7

We started our day off early and got on a train to Monterosso we then had the choice of choosing what we wanted to do. Take the train to all five towns or hike the two trails that go through Vernazza and Corniglia. I decided to take the train to the five towns mainly because my hip was bothering me that day and I didn’t think hiking would make it better. three other guys stayed back too and we decided to group together to see the beautiful towns. We took the train from Monterosso to Vernazza. There we got to see the town that was based in the Disney movie Luca. That was cool to see in person! We sat on some large rocks and enjoyed the sun and beauty for a bit befogging moving along to the next town which was Corniglia. This town was a lot of hills and so we didn’t stay for long and hopped onto the next train over to Manarola which is where we had a appetizer and drinks enjoying the view on the hill. We then finally skipped over to the last two Riomaggiore which is where the best town was. Although it looks like a fisherman town it was beautiful because from there you were able to see all five towns. This is also where I placed the first duck. In middle school I went to school with the librarians daughter. Just recently I found out she had passed away in a car accident. Her mom (The Librarian) was also my brothers teacher at his high school. she reached out to my mom to ask if I was able to place three ducks in places I was traveling to. Cinque Terre is only the placement of one. The ducks represent her daughter because she had always wanted to travel the world and now there with be a piece of her placed in special spots around the world.

Day 8

We got another free day and were able to relax and enjoy Genoa. I didn’t do much other than roam round and buy some clothes. The next day started our 3 day trip to Pisa, Lucca, Florence, and Rome. So I wanted ti get some rest in before going to 4 cities in 3 days.

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