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Genoa Day 5-6

By May 14, 2023May 15th, 2023Hospitality in Genoa

Day 5

For my group we basically had a free day. We did the cooking lesson on day 2 after our trip to Nervi. We didn’t get the free time there so for Day 5 we decided to go there. We got to spend the day enjoying the sunlight and had lunch near the water. It was a lovely day and was super enjoyable. We didn’t do much else other than that.

Day 6

This was my least favorite part of the week. Mainly because the food was not what I would’ve expected it to be. However the wine tasting was super cool. I enjoyed being able to taste the wine I have sold in the restaurant I’ve been working in for a while. I was also glad to be able to see where it comes from. I am talking about the Barolo wine we tasted. This being said that was actually my least favorite out of the five wines we did taste. My favorite was the dessert wine. Moscato d’Asti. I knew what to expect with the taste of this one being that it’s my favorite wine. I loved being able to see the distillery and the vineyards and the VIEW was incredible. I was bummed out a bit since it wasn’t the nicest day we have had. It was gloomy and rainy all day, not to mention chilly too!

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