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Genoa Day 3-4

By May 14, 2023May 15th, 2023Hospitality in Genoa

Day 3 (officially)

Today we got to go to Portofino, San Fruttosso, and Camogli. We started the day early and took the train to Santa Margherita. We had about 45 minutes to take pictures and enjoy the scenery before the boat came to pick us up. We then took the boat to Portofino where we toured the little town and got free time to look around, shop and eat for about 2 hours. Once we broke off I got a panini from a local sandwich shop that was delicious. It had ham, tomato, mixed lettuce, and mayo on it but it was one of the best sandwiches I have had. I then hiked a bit uphill to a lookout spot perfect for more pictures. It definitely gave a view good enough for a post card. The next stop we made was at San Frutosso. This was where we got to go to the pebble beach nd enjoy the nice refreshing clear as day water. Although the water was freezing it was still an experience I won’t forget. we only had about an hour or so here and so it was the only thing we did before getting own the boat again and going to Camogli where Professor Rice left us. As soon as he lefty we went to grab something to eat then spend the rest of our time on the beach there. It was a gorgeous day and very relaxing and beautiful.

Day 4

On this day we got up super early to go to Lavazza Headquarters, had lunch and drank plenty of coffee, and went to the museum of Lavazza. We also went to the city center and had 3 hours of free time. This was the most interesting day we have had so far and probably one of my favorites. I found that the experience we had with the behind the scenes of the factory was super cool. As a kid I watch “How it’s made” on tv and this was me getting that in real life. I love the fact of how we were able to taste the coffee caviar and the espresso and cappuccino if we wanted. Of course I tried all three. Once we had lunch we finished up at the factory and moved over to the museum which was also very cool. I had never been to a museum of coffee before. We had a tasting of another coffee caviar but this time it was paired with a sweet foam. Which elevated the taste to taste more like a cappuccino. Once we finished up there we had one more place to go and that was the city center where we got to do our own thing. we then met back at the train station and went back home. This day was full but fun.

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