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This morning we went on a tour around Genoa where prof. Rice showed us a bunch of restaurants, he gave us a lot of information about every single one. For example he told us who owns them, what the history is behind them, what type of food they sell and what we should definitely try. We got a lot of good recommendations for bakeries, bars and homestyle meals. Prof. Rice has a lot of knowledge about the food industry in Genoa and it’s really nice to listen to him and get all the insights.


After that we took a train to Nervi. It’s a city located on the coast. We walked on a trail along the shore. It was very relaxing and we felt like we were in a movie. We spent some time in a park that back in the day was own by private sectors but now has been joined together and opened to the public. Since it was own by wealthy private people, they had a lot of exotic plants there and this is why the park has them now. I find it very interesting and unique. We saw people hanging around, doing picnics, playing games there. It looked majestic. Then we walked on the trail that is named after a general that freed territories while doing military campaigns in Argentina during the 18 hundreds. Prof. Rice mentioned it because one of my friends, Facu, is Argentinian. The views form the trial are wonderful and I would definitely recommend every one to go there if they have a chance.

Later we got some free time so me and my friends walked around the area and ate some gelato. We took a train back to Genoa and got ready for the cooking class.

We met by the fountain and took a bus. Once we got there Francesco welcomed us and we got straight to cooking. The cooking took us around 3 hours. We prepared basil pesto pasta gnocchi , focaccia, tiramisu and pasqualini. Once we finished cooking, we sat down at the table, Francesco served us our meals and white wine. We had a great time and got to learn a lot about Italian food and how ot make it ourselves.

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