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Genoa Day 11 & 12

By May 19, 2023May 23rd, 2023Hospitality in Genoa

Day 11

This was our full day in Rome. Which again I have been here before and enjoyed it a lot. This time I was able to spend more time where David is and at the colosseum. We did a 2 hour tour of Rome then we were on our own for four hours. We got something to eat at a local restaurant that had hand made glasses and someone making fish pasta in the dining room. The food again was delicious. By now you should know that majority of Italian food is amazing. We then took a bus to the colosseum and took many pictures there. After the major landmark viewing we took a cab back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and take the train back to Genoa.

Day 12

We again got up early for another 2 plus hour long train ride to Milan. when we got there the first thing you see in the Duomo Cathedral. Which is a spectacular sight to see if you haven’t already. Once we viewed that we walked down the center where there’s multiple shopping outlets. But this was not the Main Street that you hear of when you look for high end shopping in Milan. Professor Rice did take us down the affordable street first then he took us towards the high end stuff but not all the way. We then broke off and went our own separate ways. We had about 3 hours in the shopping center to do our own thing before going to Fernet Branca distillery. I did not like the alcohol however it was a nice experience to have. After this we took the train back home to Genoa and got back around 9:30pm.

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