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Friends take on Spring Break in Jamaica!!!


Jamaica was an experience like no other! From the minute we arrived to the minute we left it was a family and felt like home. We were welcomed with the managers waiting for us at the front and with Elmo and the characters! We then went on to have a lovely dinner located on the beach that the employees were able to set up and join us while being able to share there stories about themselves, the resort, and the island. Day number two started with a buffet breakfast with a beautiful view of the pool and afterwards we were able tour two beautiful resorts such as the Beaches resort and the Sandals resort which is for adult’s only. both hotel are beautiful in their own ways and give off such amazing and unique vibes like no other. We then went on to learn about the weddings and romance department which was an amazing learning experience and understanding how much goes into planning and making a wedding come to life. We then ended the day with a swim by the pool and beautiful dinner at the resorts restaurants that is over the water called Neptune!

The following day was filled with fun and adventure! We started the day with watching a re tie the knot wedding it was wonderful watching the weddings and romance department put together a magical moment for the lovely couple and to watch them have an amazing and wonderful time retying the love that they have. We then went on to enjoy the watersports that were located on the resort such as the banana boat, sailing, and of course the lovely beach! We then ended with a lovely dinner with a view of the ocean and afterwards headed to a silent white party where you were able to listen to the music through your headphones! It was defiantly an experience like no other!

The day we had all been waiting for the excursion day! we started off by taking a boat with music and food that traveled around the island and stopped in the ocean for us to be able to go snorkeling! It was an amazing experience for us to be able to view the life underneath the water! After that we went over to Duns river falls where we climb a 190 feet water fall which was cold of course but an amazing experience being able to slide down a man made slide and swim in the water! Later on that night we were able to go to Luminous Lagoon which is a bay that you are able to swim in and when you do it turns into a pretty crystal blue water! Fun fact there are only four in the world Jamacia, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, and the Bahamas.

The last two days we were able to shadow the Swim up Bar and there we were able to learn how to set up the bar, how to take down the bar, and of course how to make drinks! It was a great experience and the guests and employees were very patient with us trying to learn how to make the drinks and how to learn to set up the bar. Our final night they had put together a going away dinner where they showed us all of the pictures we took, we were able to share our experience, and share the laughter for one last night! We then ended the night with a pool party at the waterpark!!! Jamaica was an experience like no other and I would definitely recommend this trip for spring break!

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