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Food and Beverage

This is almost my third week in TUC-FIU, and I’m loving it. I just feel very welcome because people here are very kind hearted. And what can I tell about the food… Food is also amazing.

They have a completely different cuisine, and in my perspective, it is much healthier than American cuisine. They eat a lot of vegetables seasoned with Asian spices, rice, noodles, dumplings, pork, tofu and so on. They really love spicy food. I’m from Mexico, so I’m familiar with spicy food, and of course I also love it. As we might know, they use chopsticks instead of silverware, so many times certain food is a challenge to manage… but nothing that with practice you can’t handle.

Huang Gua Zhe Pi

Sunday, January 6th at night, they prepared a welcome dinner for us. I tried all the different dishes, but I tried one that was something completely new for me; something very exclusive that I haven’t heard or try before… jellyfish. Yes, and I’m not kidding. It was a very nice experience, and a dish that I really enjoyed having. I love to try everything so why not try jellyfish? The texture was very funny and it was prepared with cucumber and a kind of soy or vinegar sauce which tasted a little too salty.

Jiao ze

Sunday, January 13th, Chinese students organized an activity for us to make dumplings. We learned how to make dumplings, and it was not easy as it seems. We made dumplings filled with different ingredients such as: pork, mushrooms, shrimp and cabbage. After that, the chefs cooked them for us, and we ate them. I’m not kidding, I ate at least more than 20.    

So far, I haven’t seen food with nice presentation, but I think because I have been eating at the university canteens. But don’t take me wrong; it might not have the best presentation, but the flavors are unique and enjoyable. I hope I can show you some food with nice presentation in my next post

Wine in China?

Yes, the wine industry is growing so fast…  And it tastes so good!

In my next post I will show you a little bit more of the Chinese snacks that completely caught my attention.     

Mo Yu Shuang & 

Bing Tang Hu Lu

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