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First Two Days in Jamaica for a Study Abroad Adventure


Embarking on a study abroad program in Jamaica was an exciting experience filled with unexpected connections and unforgettable moments. The journey began at the Fort Lauderdale airport, where we all met with excitement and nerves, ready to explore a new culture and learn some new things.


We boarded the plane to Montego Bay, I didn’t know anyone However, the atmosphere changed on the bus from the airport to our hotel. Conversations started, and we were all pretty excited.


Arriving at the hotel was super fun, even more so after the two-hour drive. They welcomed us with refreshing towels and tropical drinks, we were excited by the vibrant energy of the island. To add a little touch, we were greeted by Sesame Street characters, creating a playful and welcoming atmosphere.


The first day ended with check-in at our rooms and a group photo with our new friends and our Sesame Street characters.


Day two brought an exciting agenda as we met the heads of the departments, we were set to shadow some. After informative presentations, a well-deserved break allowed us to absorb the information and recharge for the hands-on experiences awaiting us.


I found myself assigned to the wedding department, and it turned out to be really great. The day was filled with practical learning as we immersed ourselves in the art of wedding preparation. From assisting with decorations to arranging tableware and chairs, every task felt like a step closer to understanding the intricacies of event planning.


The wedding department not only provided a unique and enjoyable learning experience but also highlighted the importance of teamwork and attention to detail in creating magical moments for couples on their special day. It was a hands-on adventure that seamlessly combined education and enjoyment.

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