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First Couple of Days in Dubai!

By December 17, 2015December 22nd, 2015Dubai

The first couple days for my very first trip to Dubai has been great! I love this city and have learned so much that I was so unaware of! This is really a remarkable city unlike anywhere else in the world. We have gone to many places, like the Burj Al Arab, Nakheel Properties, Byblos Group, and Atlantis just to name a few. It was great to visit each and every one of these places!

One company that really amazed me was Nakheel Properties. To see one business do so much for one city on the scale that they are doing it and actually making these properties a reality is something out of a fairy tale. It is literally unreal how they are able to do the things they are doing! Seeing their current work progress in person, like Palm Island and the Nakheel Mall was a great sight because it taught me that nothing is impossible.

“Making the impossible possible” is Dubai’s motto and they definitely live up to it! I also found it so crazy how everything is funded by the Dubai government, and if they want something, they will do whatever it takes to make it happen no matter the cost. I definitely would not mind working for Nakheel Properties in the near future!

If there was one motto I learned from this trip and will take with me back to the States, it would have to be “Open Doors. Open Minds.” This motto was taught to me by a great individual by the name of Nasif Kayed and what this motto means that no matter where you came from or what your background is, you are the same as everyone else, and nobody is better than you.

Mr. Nasif opened my eyes because before I heard him speak to our group, I knew very little about the people that lived in Dubai and the Middle East. The world is a mean place and people judge other people all the time over the little things, only because they know very little about the other group. That is not good by any means and only does harm to yourself. Before coming to Dubai, I had my uncertainties about some things, but after the trip to the mosque and dinner with Mr. Nasif, I feel at peace and calmer than ever being in this great city known as Dubai. I am so glad this happened on the first day of the trip because my whole perspective about the people and the lifestyle about Dubai has changed for the better, and I owe my thanks to Mr. Nasif. He is truly a remarkable individual and have impacted many people’s lives in a positive way.


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