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Fantastic Dubai tour starts soon!

By December 10, 2015December 15th, 2015Dubai

I have heard about the gold-clad doorknob of the Burj Al Arab hotel, the beautiful United Arab Emirate princes and princesses, the grandiose music fountain and the remarkable world’s biggest artificial isle-Palm Island, and yet I found out those are not the all amazing points UAE holds. I am totally lost. I mean, wasn’t it just a desert a couple of years ago? How can it become such a giant now? This is unbelievable, and it seems just too unreal!

As a luxury obsessor and a hospitality person, my most desirable place to visit in Dubai is no doubt the hotel Burj Al Arab (Arabic: برج العرب‎‎, Tower of the Arabs). It includes two restaurants: Al Muntaha (“Highest”) and Al Mahara (“Oyster”). Al Muntaha (“Highest”), is located 200 m (660 ft) above the Persian Gulf, offering a view of Dubai. Al Mahara (“Oyster”), which is accessed via a simulated submarine voyage, features a large seawater aquarium, holding roughly 990,000 L (260,000 US gal) of water.

I really hope I will be able to visit the two restaurants. They are so creative and the designs are romantic as well as stylish. I am also curious about the back of the house of the two restaurants, to see how the staffs operate in their positions.

The Jumeirah Group, with the slogan of “stay different,” as the developer of hotel Burj Al Arab, has won numerous travel and tourism awards.

I am interested in the employee training concept Jumeirah Group brings in. Every customer seems to love the service here, and I am curious about what they did to keep their employees providing the best service to their customers.

I can’t wait to experience the culture! I will keep posted on my activities there!

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