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Dirty, weird food, pollution, and unfriendly people. I thought things like this about China, and to be honest, it was the country I never wanted to go to.

However, as a hospitality student, I thought it was important to know about China since it is one of the most populated countries in the world and where everything is made. You see groups of Chinese people everywhere in the world, and I asked myself if we are so different and they come to this side of the world, why are we so scared to go there? At that moment, I decided to join the Marriott Tianjin Program and experience eastern culture.

I am open to anything and everything in China. Hotels all around the world are extremely different and are a great way to understand a culture. China is so unique that I am pretty sure there are many things we can learn from them. I have heard that those hotels do not even have air conditioning (a/c) due to the weather. Many cities in the world follow these guidelines, especially cities that have colder weather such as Merida, Venezuela.

Even a chain hotel might adjust to the city’s standards and change some features, such as a/c. This is something I am extremely curious to explore and to learn how the hotel can accommodate different guests’ needs in a luxury environment where a/c is, for us, part of the essentials. During this trip, I will be blogging about Chinese hospitality in 4-5 star hotels and see what we can learn from them.

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