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My expectations of this trip were just fun. While the presence of fun was not absent, nor was the presence of learning. Before the trip, we got to choose from several departments in the Beaches, Ocho Rios resort, to shadow a manager to get insights on their daily task to keep their departments functioning successfully. I had the privilege of following Ms. Cion for the first two days in the concierge department, and for the last two days, I was in Loyalty and Travel, where I connected with Mr. Willie.

This was a life-changing experience for me. I gained much valuable information from the managers of the two departments and their staff; they treated me as if I were family. I admire their values, and it explains the success of the resort.

Also, as I said, we still were having fun … we did some touring with Ms. Lindsay, an amazinggggg lady!

We got to tour the Sandals resorts and ate some fantastic food! This was a great day also; I love to tour resorts 🙂

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