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Dubai Post-Trip Blog

By December 26, 2015December 29th, 2015Dubai


Hey class! I am finally back home in Miami and still daydreaming of our Dubai experiences. I have been talking nonstop about how much I learned during the course of this trip as well as my desire to return to the city. Our Atlantis presentation was easily one of my favorites, not only because of the beautiful grounds the hotel sits on but also because of the time the recruiting director and FIU alumni spent with us, giving their undivided attention and advice for our future. I learned about Kerzner’s exclusive portfolio and high-end luxury properties as well as what they are looking for in an employee. We also got an inside scoop on Atlantis’ phase 2 project (pictured above), which will be near their resort on the Palm Island and catering to exclusive residences. This educational experience helped me understand what I need to work on for my future interviews and what luxury hotel companies are looking for in an employee.



The most fun attraction for me was definitely Ski Dubai! I shared so many laughs (and screams) with my classmates, which was a fun way to let the children in all of us loose! It was so very cold, especially for me since I have never been in snow, but once the fun started rolling I (almost) forgot all about it 🙂 We enjoyed tubing many times over while there and also had a roll down an ice hill in a bubble ball! We captured many videos which I find myself enjoying now that I am home. I wish I knew how to ski to enjoy that option as well, but I chickened out when I saw how steep the slope was! One of our classmates really enjoyed the skiing adventure so I would surely recommend it to anyone looking to do it.

My cultural knowledge has grown extensively in this short amount of time as well as my global citizenship. I feel closer to the foreign friends I have made both in Dubai as well as my classmates from the trip. I look forward to reuniting with all of them in due time and plan to keep in touch until then.


Overall, this trip was one for the books with everything we experienced and all the incredible opportunities we were afforded. FIU, Dr. Kitterlin, Ms. Fagnan and Arabian Adventures did an excellent job at accomodating such a large group of students from the minute we arrived until we were back safe in Miami. The hotel accomodations surpassed my expectations as well as the attentiveness of our guides and professors. If I wasn’t graduating this Spring semester I’d join in another study abroad in a heartbeat! I hope this post helps encourage any student comtemplating a study abroad program, so if you are reading this hurry and sign up! A huge educational adventure awaits you!

Best Wishes,

Andrea Moreno

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