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Dubai – mid trip post

By December 17, 2015December 22nd, 2015Dubai

Today was our third day of touring Dubai. So far, we’ve had the opportunity of touring some of the most elite hotels in Dubai as well as learning about different hospitality with groups through presentations. Yesterday afternoon, we had the opportunity to meet with the Nakheel real estate group. They showed us a fascinating presentation on how Dubai has grown as a city these past few years as well as what their group has been able to accomplish in the newly thriving hospitality industry in Dubai. I found it extremely interesting to learn about how Dubai has grown. I also found it interesting to learn about who was behind the Palm Island concept; after all, it’s a symbolic piece of Dubai. We were able to understand the technical aspect of the construction of Palm Island, particularly how each shape plays a specific role in preserving the island. image

To our delight, we were able to tour one of the hotels on Palm Island – Atlantis. Even though the tour was extremely informative, it was also very entertaining. The attention to detail when it comes to architecture and the interior design is phenomenal. It really made me view the hospitality industry from a tourist point of view allowing me to fully understand what differentiates good and bad in the industry. I loved how Atlantis accommodated everyone and made sure to keep their guests busy and satisfied. I now fully understand why traveling is such a fun experience for people while staying in luxury hotels. imageimage

Being able to participate on all these tours and educational presentations has really helped me to understand their culture. I now understand what is expected of the people of Dubai and how it differs from the hospitality industry in most places.

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