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By December 19, 2015December 22nd, 2015Dubai

It’s halfway through the trip now, and we have gotten the chance to experience Dubai. Between visiting the attractions and going to presentations, I have been able to better understand the hospitality available. Upon arriving one of the first things I noticed was how welcoming everyone is. From the check-in agents in the hotel to any of the servers at the restaurants, there is excellent service.

As part of understanding how Dubai runs its hospitality services, it is important to understand the culture. One presentation that really resonates with this was the speaker at Jumeirah Mosque.  Nasif Kayed’s presentation on “Open Doors, Open Minds” really did allow for us to ask questions that we would normally shy away from askingIMG_0293. He had a great insight into what it is to be Muslim and what Islam is.

Dubai is located in an Islamic county so, when an industry like tourism is involved, there is going go be people from all over the world with different customs. As a tourist it’s important to understand that we must respect the religious teachings that govern over day to day life in an Islamic state, and by having someone explain the religion and culture, it makes it easier to go in with an open mind. As someone who is looking to work in this industry, knowing about different cultures makes it easier to understand someone’s needs and would help me attend to their needs.

The Spice Market and the Gold Market was a beautiful area to visit. IMG_9959It brought a touch of the old Dubai to the new city everyone believes it is. The streets were old and clean, and the people that resided in them were far from the polished look in downtown Dubai. I enjoyed going through the souks and getting a hands-on approach to the bargaining that takes place. I have never bargained before and I learned that it wasn’t as easy to do in a foreign currency. Even with these challenged I enjoyed learning from our tour guide some of the tips and tricks.

From New Dubai to Old Dubai there are infinite numbers of activities. This is a city with a “can do” attitude. It is clearly reflected in the way locals go around doing their business. There are no limitations here, and in the short time I’ve been here, I’ve enjoyed it.

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