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Department 1- Entertainment
For my first department I shadowed the Entertainment Department of Beaches Ocho Rios. This was a fun department to learn about as there are many different aspects involved. As Beaches Ocho Rios is a family centered resort, they have to cater to children as well as adults. For example, they have a game room only for teens where many xboxes are displayed, and a club room that opens up at night for teens to meet and have fun. There is also a daycare facility on site one for younger kids, and one for infants as well. All caretakers are certified and also trained to work with kids on the spectrum. We also got to tour the event venue on the rooftop that over looks the beach. Here the Entertainment manager was setting up for our “chocolate white party”, and he also coordinates with weddings that happen on the resort. Lastly he took us to the main entertainment stage where we learned Jamaican dances!

Department 2- Environmental Health and Safety

As a Global Sustainability major, I was most excited to shadow and learn from the Environmental Health and Safety department. This department is very broad, and handles a wide range of things behind the scenes. EHS is probably the most important department in the resort because without it, the resort would not be able to be open. They are in charge of renewing numerous amounts of licenses, ensuring the food and beverage protocols are up to date, the safety of the guests, and handling any accidents recording incident reports. I also learned that Beaches Ocho Rios recycles a surprising amount in their day to day operation. From the grease in the kitchen, the food that is unable to be used will be donated, linens are donated to hospitals, and they even have their own garden that we visited.

Department 3- Water Sports

Water sports might’ve been the most exciting department to shadow. Here we learned about the numerous amount of activities that are provided, from banana boats,snorkeling, diving, catamarans, and a bigger boat with clear flooring so you can see the coral reefs. We learned about the proper gear for each activity, the consent forms, and booking protocol for these activities. Then of course we got to have some fun and experience them for ourselves!

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