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Departing for Season 2 (The Return to China)

Hey everyone! Some might know me from my previous blogs (Marriott Tianjin China Program Spring 2019 semester) and others I am just meeting for the first time. My name is Mario and as you may have guessed, I studied last semester in the Marriott China Program for the Spring 2019 semester.

I’m currently a junior in FIU and love trying news things, especially out my comfort zone. And let me tell you right now, studying across the world in China would definitely fall into that category! I’m looking forward to creating long lasting relationships with the Miami students that will be accompanying me in this journey and also with the Chinese students studying in our program. I am very excited and curious of the new encounters I will face in China and how I will solve/manage them.

I encourage you to read last semesters blogs ( ) in your spare time to ease some curiosity or interest you may have.

Let me see…Passport, back pack, clothes ( lots of clothes ), shoes, American shampoo, formal suit (presentations/guest speakers), laptop, and of course, I can’t forget my pillow (the dorm gives you one but not the same in my book, yeah…DON’T JUDGE). My bags are packed and ready to go! Now the pre-departure thoughts kick in, hmm.. a whole semester away from my family…everything in Chinese…Can’t drive to Smoothie King anymore for $5 Fridays (I’ll miss my Mango Fest smoothie).

But then I remember the amazing thing in China – a huge variety of foods to choose from by ordering cheap takeout (order takeout on your phone, arrives in like 20-30 mins) that fills you up easily. The different dishes provided in the numerous canteens or restaurants accessible to you (I’ll cover more about student life in upcoming blogs). The new people you will meet along the way through your semester, students, faculty, & strangers wanting to take pictures with you (100% will happen at some point); and of course, the random stares, but overall you can know for sure it will be an experience not easily forgotten.

16 hours and 45 mins I’ll arrive in China once more!! Until next time! =)

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