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Days 3&4

By May 20, 2023May 23rd, 2023Hospitality in Genoa

We arrived in Santa Margarita early to beat the crowds and had a pleasant breakfast in a lively piazza. From there, we took a boat to Portofino and did a short hike to visit the church and cemetery, where we got a glimpse of the area’s history. After that, we hopped on another boat to San Fruttuoso, where we enjoyed a refreshing swim and ended up dozing off while sunbathing, almost missing our boat to Camogli. Once in Camogli, we treated ourselves to some delicious prosciutto focaccia. It was a day filled with beautiful sights, relaxation, and tasty food, giving us a taste of what our study abroad adventure has in store.
The next day we hopped on a train and headed to Torino, where our first stop was the Lavazza coffee factory. It was impressive to see the massive amount of coffee they produce for export, and they even have special training programs for baristas. Next, we visited the Lavazza museum, where we learned all about the intricacies of their coffee and how they’ve marketed it over the years. They even treated us to some coffee caviar on coffee-flavored whipped cream, and I couldn’t resist having three helpings! Afterward, we had some time to explore Torino on foot, making our way down to the train station. It was a day filled with fascinating coffee insights, cultural experiences, and the charm of Torino.

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