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Days 2 and 3: Discovering Operations and Having Fun!


Day 2 in Jamacia! It started early most meeting at the buffet for breakfast. The bacon was my favorite part of breakfast at the resort! This was department day, we would shadow our department and learn the ins and outs of how they operate. Our uniform was a white shirt and black dress pants. However, before we started our shaddowing a tour of where we were staying for the next week! We started our tour at the kids camp which had colorful walls and a lively atmosphere! They had accomadation areas from kids 0-17 years old. Almost leaving behind some of our group we moved on to pools, resturants, and beach access. They had a waterpark, kiddie pool, and main pool as well as the path down to the beach where you can enjoy chilling in the sand or having fun with the staff doing watersports! They had 7 resturants on property from Italitan cuisine to Mediterranean to French. There is something for everyone! They had a spa, gym and entertainment stage so that everyone apart of your family can enjoy. After our tour we split into our groups and headed off with the department head. My first department was Concierge. We met with Ms. Cion the head of the concierge at Beaches Ocho Rios! She informed us of the three tiers of service they provide which is Luxury, Club and Bulter. At our resort they only provide Luxury and Club. We met with the concierge who was working at the desk at the time Lenford and they both gave us wonderful insight on the world of their day to day! Each concierge is there to enhance your stay and inform you about the fun you can have on and off the resort! To end the day we had our welcome dinner! A Jamacian experience I will forever remeber! From the food to the speeches to the dancing! This was a great way to start our trip together!

Day 3 was Excursion Day!! Professors Dodge and Dawn had a great day planned for us! We started by taking the bus to a different Sandals in order to fill out our paper work and check out the gift shop! We then headed back to the bus and on the winding narrow road to go rock jumping, tubing and ziplining! We started with the rock jumping! I am not afraid of height but it scared me to see our 15 ft drop at the end. Most of the group despite the nerves had made their way up through the cliffs of rushing water! The water was really cold at first but felt nice! We made our jumps down to the big one! When it was my turn I jumped and thought the water was closer so I had that split second feeling of floating! It was really fun and we ended that part of the excursion with a handlebar push into the water! For our second event of the day we had went tubing down the river. It was funny because we started by ourselves but when we all had to form “a fiu chain” we all look around quickly and hold on to the person nearest! On tubing I felt like I had met more of the group and interacted/getting to know more of them! After tubing we headed for the zipline our last excursion of the day. We got strapped into our harness and given helments and gloves as well as breifed on what to do on the zipline. We then took to our climb to the top. Once at the top we took some pictures and started the fun. As we went one by one we all turned to those behind us asking to film and I think we all had a great time ziplining! We then made our way back to the resort stopping on the way for lunch! Then it was on the way to Sandals Ochi! We had met Ms. Lindsay and she gave us a tour around Sandals Ochi we visited not only the FOH but the BOH as well. We had saw where all the Sandals in Jamacia have their laundry sent, cleaned, and resent out to them daily! We then had dinner at this Sandals. Our dinner was amazing I had mashed potatos and grilled chicken! It was soooooo good! We ended our night there sitting on the beach watching the stars!

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