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day 7 in london

By December 19, 2014London

Day 7 in London

A week and seven days have passed since we have come to London. Today is one of the best days for me, I enjoyed what I did today so much. We visited Wimbledon and enjoyed afternoon tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury.


We met up at the lobby at 9:15 am, and left from the hotel. We got used to how to take a tube. Everyone could pass through ticketing gate smoothly. After taking the tube and walking a lot, we arrived at Wimbledon, one of the most famous and prestigious tennis courts in the world. The Wimbledon Championship is held there every year for the first two weeks of July. The tour guide started with his presentation on how great Wimbledon is compared to any other professional sport. I did not know how much impact advertising during the championship has. Many famous companies spend a lot of money for Wimbledon to advertise their product. It is like the Superbowl in United States. Advertising in the Wimbledon Championship has great economic impact because over a billion people watch the match from all over the world on TV. For me, his presentation was really interesting.

After that, we went to inside of the building of “The All England Lawn Tennis Club.” There are so many things they do in here to satisfy players. The most interesting place for me was the press conference room. In there, they can ask any questions to player but only related to tennis. One of our students went on the stage and played like a famous tennis player. He`s really funny!

We also looked at some courts that held the championship match. The tour guide told us really interesting and extraordinary facts about the grass of the court. There`s a guy who manages the court and counts every piece of grass to make a perfect court! Unbelievable!

We went to the museum after the tour. It has some historical things, the cup for men and the plate for women. There was also a cinema to watch a great 3D show. I walked out of the cinema feeling like a champion! I really enjoyed the museum because I could touch and play with the displays. Honestly, I didn’t expect anything going there because I was not interested in tennis, and I did not understand relationship of tennis and hospitality. After the tour, I change my mind because everyone including me really enjoyed this activity! I learned that sports and hospitality are connected strongly. For example, the things we learned from hospitality marketing class are useful for advertising during sport events.

We enjoyed British traditional, afternoon tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury. I ordered vanilla black tea. It was served with a teapot. The tea was really good, and we even brought home some desserts!

I cannot believe we have only four days left! We have had good time and learned many things in London so far. I hope I can enjoy and learn even more the rest of our trip!

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