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Day 6 Last Day! / Summary


Day 6 our last full day in Jamacia! We woke up early to visit Sandals Dunns River! This was an amazing resort that included 12 dining resturants, 5 pools, and views that will always amaze! As soon as we entered this resort it felt amazing! The sun was shining and the people were smiling! As we took our tour we saw their strip which had their gift shop, photoshop place, and travel and loyalty office which is located near the front desk for easy to find access! Then we visited their many dining options from italitan to asian to caribbean style food and atmosphere! They have connected restaurants which means guest can travel from one to the next by simply walking though the connected doorway. After we visited their restuarants we made our way to the rooms! They have three tiers luxury, club, and butler. We saw each tier and they keep upgrading to a higher standard! They have luxury amenities for every guest and do not disappoint on service! We then scouted the pools and the beach access! Moving on to their lounge bar we met with their staff and learned a bit more about the Jamacian culture and how sandals encorporates it into their brand!

We made our way back to our resort and started getting ready for our farewell dinner 🙁 As a slide of our trip played in the background we enjoyed the last night we had together! We then had our speeches! Everyone had amazing things to say about our experience, the staff and each other! We all nearly bursted out in tear with each speech yet it was an amazing way to end our journey! I have enjoyed so much meeting everyone and having the opportunity to go on this experience! Thank you Sandals, FIU and everyone on the trip! This was a study abroad I will always remember! :))

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