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Day 6 & 7- Piedmont and Cinque Terre


Day 6:

We started our exploration of Piedmont in the town of Barolo. This small but mighty town is celebrated for its production of one of Italy’s most esteemed wines, the Barolo.

From Barolo, we ventured to the nearby town of La Mora, where the Agricolo Brandini Vineyard awaited. Known for its exceptional wines, the vineyard offered a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the art and flavors of winemaking.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by picturesque vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. The serene beauty of the landscape set the perfect backdrop for a memorable wine tasting experience. We learned about the vine-to-bottle process, cultivation to harvest and aging. We also explored the cellars and barrels, gaining insights into the winemaking techniques that make Agricolo Brandini wines truly special.

Our wine degustation continued through a very sophisticated lunch made with regional products. It was a very valuable learning experience.

Day 7:

The Piedmont weather got the best of me. I decided to stay in Genoa to rest, it allow me to meet a very nice pharmacist that recommended typical Genovese restaurant in the city.

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