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Day 5: A Day of Giving and Luminous Wonders

On our fifth day in Jamaica, we set out on a heartwarming adventure. Visiting a local elementary school with school supplies for the kids, I teamed up with the energetic four-year-olds. Activities like dancing and reading created unforgettable moments. The children’s joy was infectious; they didn’t want us to leave.

Returning to the hotel, we squeezed in some free time before our final excursion, the luminous lagoon. A unique experience, the lengthy drive was worth it. Back at the hotel, fatigue mingled with happiness after a day filled with meaningful connections and luminous wonders.

Day 6: Dunn’s River Delight and Farewell Celebrations

Our sixth day commenced with another resort tour, this time at Dunn’s River. Welcomed with a charming song, the tour showcased the resort’s beauty. Lunch was a spectacular affair, set against a stunning backdrop with an array of appetizers. Laughter echoed as we indulged, and the resort introduced us to their GM and chef.

After a delightful lunch, music filled the air as we prepared for a farewell dinner. Peers shared heartfelt speeches about our study abroad experience and the invaluable lessons we gained. Leaving with a treasure trove of new knowledge and memories, the farewell dinner marked the perfect end to a transformative journey. #JamaicaAdventures #StudyAbroadMemories 🌟🇯🇲

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