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Day 5: A day to remember


The 5th day in jamacia was one we all will remember! We had went and visited with the kids of the Bascobel Primary School. At first I was a bit nervous knowing I be stuck in a room full of kids, its not my thing. However, we got there and Ms. Lindsay started assigning us to a room, I had got the pleasure of sitting with three wonderful kids. We had started by doing some worksheets and we all completed them together, then we moved onto coloring which was my personal favorite part! We had a game where when one of us would say switch and we would have to put the crayon we were using down and pick up another color! I could tell the kids enjoyed it! After all was done it was an amazing experience not only for them but for us FIU students! I got the pleasure of talking with Ms. Lindsay and working out a deal where I could send the kids a picture of us together! This day was something I did not expect but was a great experience all around!

We later had a small excursion to the luminous lagoon! It was great and a great ending excursion! Although I did not get in the water from the boat the look was beautiful! Our guide said that once the organisms are bothered they glow and you could tell! The stars that night were also amazing! Coming from Florida I have never seen so many stars! I glad I could be apart of it!

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