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Day 4: All about the Departments!


Sandals Day 4 started off strong with my first department of the day EHS aka Enviromental Health and Safety. It was just Bri and I with the EHS team! First, we went over all the licenses that the resort needs/has also the license importance and renewal time. They had a checklist folder for organization of each department within the those that needs licences such as kitchen for fire, watersports for equiment, and overall property licences. After we went of that we had continued with a short tour as we made our way down to the beach. There was a safety simulation that one of the lifegaurds needed to complete as it was the end of the month showing that their licence would need a renewal. We had watched as the lifegaurds had simulated a possible drowning/unconsiousness situation and how they handled it. This was intriguing because we learned what procedures go into a rescue and how to respond accordingly. We then ended our department shaddowing by a Q & A. This is where we learned all about their sustainability efforts! How they shreded their paper and donated it to put into coffins so it is a more natural decomposer for the soil! I was then off to the 2nd department of the day entertainment. We were helping set up the staff awards happening that night! They had a maskerade theme! We helped by setting up the tables and they let us use some creative freedom on how we placed the napkins. Although entertainment was not my track it was very interesting to see how they set up such an event and the behind the scenes of it! We also got to talk to jolen at the end of our set up and it was enlightening to see how he developed into a corporate lifestyle. It was a nice talk into the life of someone who did this everyday! After our departments got done it was freetime till tomorrow! Another day in Jamacia spent learning about all that Hospitality has to offer!

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