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On day four we got to have the day to work on the department we chose. I had the opportunity of working with food and beverage for half the day and the second half of the day I was working with entertainment. It was also a special day for the resort because they have their annual celebration for their employees and the way that Sandals Resort does this is that they have awards for their best employees of the year. Not only does this include gifts like a free week at any sandal’s property, but I feel that it’s even more important that they recognize their employees for their hard work. Working on food and beverage I got to assist one of the restaurants at the property learning their logistics of how to handle both the front and back of the house. A typical restaurant at the resort would have one hundred people dine in during the night. I got to speak to the waiters and personally, I wanted to see what their main goal was while doing their job. I could genuinely say that they all said that it’s about the guests and everything they do is for the guests. I love that because it shows how much they care for the industry of hospitality. Afterward, I went to work for entertainment and in this department, we got to learn about everything that keeps the guests at the reserve for the entire day. Logistically speaking they must have events morning afternoon and night to make sure the guests are not bored and are enjoying their stay at a maximum.

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