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Day 3 – Excursion Day & Tour of Sandals Ochi Resort

Day 3 was extremely busy from sun up to sun down! We all piled on the bus at 7 am and traveled 2 hours to Chukka, where we ziplined, jumped off cliffs into crystal clear waterfalls, and tubed down Jamaicas fresh water river. This part of our trip was one of my favorites as we got to experience ecotourism. Jamaica’s beautiful clear waters and mountainous landscape was incredible to see first hand, let alone zipline above the trees in. On our way back to our resort we stopped for lunch, real Jamaican cuisine of jerk chicken and rice- so good!

Later that evening we got the chance to tour Sandals Ochi Resort, which is centered more for couples. This was a great experience as we saw the differences and similarities in two different Sandals resorts. We toured through their restaurants, lobbies, outside gathering areas, and even the laundry facility. Fun fact from a sustainability standpoint- all Sandals resorts in Jamaica use only one laundry facility, so drivers spend all day driving laundry back and forth from one faciltiy- up to two hours away! It’s interesting to think about if it would be more sustainable to invest in about facility closer, or if it saves money and energy having only one.

This was an eventful day and I learned and had a lot of fun with my peers.

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