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At the beginning of our third day in Jamaica, we had excursions. I was extremely nervous and scared of doing all of these excursions I’ve never done them before, but I have to say that they were all fun.  We started by jumping into a river which I was excited to do and I was one of the last ones to do this. But I have to say that once you jump in you’re in the water it is a beautiful natural experience of the beauties of what Jamaica has to offer as a country we did this a couple of times when their first excursion and each time was extremely nice you feel connected to the nature of the country. Secondly, we went tubing which was my favorite out of all the excursions not only because you get to see the nature of Jamaica but also because it’s an extremely interactive activity with your colleagues. Lastly, we had zip line, this is the one I was most afraid of, but I have to say that it was extremely nice to do it. After the excursions we had time for ourselves at the hotel until 4:30 where we had to prepare a tour for the Sandals Ochi Resort. We had the opportunity to visit this resort and have an entire tour. I love the concept of this property it is a couples-only resort, and you have to be 21 or more just to stay in it was extremely luxurious and nice. The resort is divided into two they have one side of the resort on one side of the street and the other right across. The entire property was so beautifully done that it was just great to be in. Even by the beach, they have a pier with a small Chapel where couples get married almost every day at this hotel. It was certainly a property I would love to work on.

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