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On our second day of the trip, we started the day by meeting with all the managers although the resort for obvious reasons wouldn’t share the financials however were able to meet the financial controller and the revenue management team and how they seek their investments in management was good to know. We also had an entire tour of the Beaches Ochi Rios Resort. Not only is this resort a palace to stay in but it accounts for so many restaurants, bars, and entertainments that it is made for you that you don’t have the necessity of leaving the property. I also had the opportunity of being designated to the housekeeping department where I learned the logistics on how to operate housekeeping when you have a 220-room hotel with 100 occupancy year all year. Also to make sure that all guests receive their daily service but also as a priority, the incoming guests don’t have to wait for rooms to start their vacation. I was also assigned directly with a housekeeper to learn the standards of there are rooms and the small details behind the cleanliness on which the housekeeper takes the time to make sure the guests have a wonderful room to stay in. We concluded that day with a welcome dinner hosted by the general manager and the corporate operations director of Sandals Beaches. We got to try the local cuisines of Jamaica which I was extremely excited to have. I got to eat jerk chicken, rice and peas, Jamaican patties, and my favorite oxtail. We also had members of the Sandals corporate university and one of the graduates as well who is currently an assistant food and beverage manager.

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