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Day 1&2 May 7th & 8th

By May 17, 2023May 23rd, 2023Hospitality in Genoa

Getting to Genoa was the hardest part. Simply because of the trains from the Rome heading into Genoa. The first train I tried to make was a through the night train from 11:50pm on Saturday and arriving to Genoa on Sunday around 8am. There was a connecting train that I had to make to make the overnight train. The initial train was running ten minutes late. So when I arrived at the second terminal the following pulling away. Was then and there stranded in Rome. By I luckily had friends staying in Rome and stayed the night with them and took a train in the morning. In Genoa the whole group was treaded to some Amazing local cuisine. 

Day 2 May 8th- 

We toured around Genoa seeing the local shops and grocery stores. Where to go for quality food and good places to visit. We then took a train to Nervi where we walked the board walk and through some parks and local areas Nervi had to offer. Some friends and I sat at a bar enjoying coffee and the view before then later taking a train back to Genoa. We then attended some cooking lessons where we made some local dishes from Scratch. We made pesto, gnocchi, tiramisu, foccatia, and Pasqulian pie.  

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