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On my first day to Jamaica, I was extremely excited but also nervous about my first study abroad. I hadn’t been to the Caribbean in four years so I decided to stop by the mall and buy everything that I would need to prepare for my trip. I decided to be at the airport by 8:00 AM, just to make sure I wouldn’t have any problems checking in. Once I was checked in, I noticed another student had also just finished checking in I introduced myself and immediately started talking and getting to know each other while we were going through TSA and waiting at the gate for our flight. Once we arrived in Jamaica, I was surprised by the level of hospitality just by arriving at the airport all the staff members were extremely friendly even the immigration officer was nice. After grabbing my bag immediately noticed that by the exit there were members of the sandals resort waiting for me and they immediately greeted me took my bags for me and escorted me to the lounge which is so convenient. They had a variety of snacks and drinks for us with a seating area. The first glance of the resort was beautiful, and it immediately opened up on the hospitality level as they greeted you by saying “Welcome home” which I thought was very heartfelt, and it really enthusiasts me at the beginning of an amazing trip. #jamaica

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