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First day in Jamacia! My morning started of by making sure I packed everything I needed for our trip. Then I had to drive to my friends house and drop off betty(my car). My friend allowed me to park at her house then she drove me too the airport! Much cheaper than uber or parking at the airport! Then I had arived at the airport around 8:40! I got checked in and through security! I do not eat before I head to the airport because I get really nervous of checking in and finding my gate. Once that happened I enjoyed a bagel and cream cheese while waiting on the rest of the group to arrive. I spotted my roomates fabi and vanessa then we made our way to the gate. Professor Dodge then gave us our gifts which was a fiu bag with a fiu study abroad shirt! Then we took flight! When we arrived in jamacia we got our bags and met up at the Sandals lounge in the airport. There we got briefly introduce to each oher and made our way to the bus. A two hour drive later and we were at the Beaches Ocho Rios resort where we were met by the staff and by a few friends from Sesame Street! We hugged the cookie monster and had a quick hello to staff and made our way to the lobby for our room keys. Fabi, Vanessa and I were escorted by Ms. Lindsay to our room where we saw a letter from the GM Mr.B as well as three hats, books, and jamacian treats. Ms. Linsay then gave us three a small tour around the resort and helped us with whatever we needed! We ended our day with checking out the buffet and digging into dinner! Our first day was a huge success being in the beautiful beach side resort with new friends!

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