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Embarking on a Study Abroad Journey: First Two Days in Jamaica

The adventure of a lifetime began with my departure from Miami, Florida, heading to the vibrant heart of Jamaica. My first destination after landing in Montego Bay was the picturesque St. Mary, a journey of two hours leading to the serene Beaches of Ochos Rios. The arrival was a herald of freedom, with the evening open to personal dining choices, immersing us in the local culture through nightly activities that sparkled under the Caribbean stars.

Day two unfolded with an insightful tour of the resort, offering us a unique opportunity to meet the brains behind the operations. The encounter with the department heads at Beaches was enlightening, each sharing the essence of their roles. My curiosity drew me towards the Entertainment department, a choice that unveiled the joy of crafting memorable experiences. The department’s vibrant spirit was infectious, showcasing the lighter side of their day with activities like corn hole, dancing on the main stage, and bracelet making, painting a picture of a day filled with laughter and creativity.

The day’s highlight was the transformation from a casual setting to the elegance of our welcome dinner on the beach. This exquisite event under the stars was not just a meal, but a celebration of new beginnings and the promise of unforgettable experiences ahead. This journey has just begun, and I am eager to see where this beautiful island and its people will lead me next.

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