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After an arduous journey through multiple flights, layovers, and security lines, with a very limited amount of sleep, we finally made it to Genoa. Navigating our way to the apartment meet-up could not have been done without our great translator and fellow student, Candela. Amiable taxi drivers dropped us off at our corresponding train station and Piazza. We walked into our apartment and were immediately entranced by our view of Piazza delle Erbe. Our energy was renewed to explore the rest of the day. Following the tour with Professor Rice, we got to learn more about the Piazzas surrounding us, along with local neighborhoods, churches, the Port, and Trattorias. In the evening, we indulged in a trattoria with a full-course meal, of which highlights include the Pesto and Tiramisu.

The following day, Professor Rice gave a detailed tour of local spots focused on food, such as trattorias and markets. We explored the well-known market of Eataly, as well as a local market used every day by locals. This in-depth tour provides a better understanding of the local culture and food. We made our way to the train station after this tour to explore a local area called Nervi, a beautiful spot right next to the sea. Locals visit this spot often and its parks. We enjoyed a nice stroll by the seawalk and park to take in the views. In our free time, we indulged in Gelato and continued walking through the neighborhood, finding pebble beaches and nice walkways in the meantime. We slowly made our way back home, calling it a day for our second day in Genoa.

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