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Cartagena, Colombia

By December 11, 2018January 24th, 2019Hospitality at Sea - Winter 2018

I’ve always seen the “Cartagena, Colombia” geotag on Instagram. Although, I never really understood the importance of this city! It is such a beautiful and vibrant city. These days, Cartagena is safe and only a 2.5-hour flight from Miami!! Also, an increasingly popular tourist destination for travelers from South America and the States.

Everything from beautiful beaches, bright flowers, vividly-painted Spanish-Colonial houses, funky souvenirs, Chiva tours, delicious seafood dishes, street art, and high-rises can be seen and found in Cartagena.

A group of friends and I took another tour since we had a great experience in Santa Marta. We ended up paying the same amount and receiving another great experience! We really wanted to take a Chiva tour, but it was impossible for us to find a Chiva for some unknown reason. If I’m not mistaking, another group of students DID find a Chiva in Santa Marta. Maybe they’re easier to find there.

Our Day in Cartagena….

Our first stop: Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

Next:  Cerro de La Popa

Next: The wall of Cartagena

Next: Explore the Streets!

One last thing…. PLEASE don’t make the mistake I made and NOT buy yourself some Emeralds. Colombian emeralds account for 70–90% of the world’s emerald market and are said to be among the purest emeralds in the world! I told myself I would buy myself a ring before I got back onto that ship. Guess what? By the time we got back from our tour, we had exactly 6 minutes to get onto that ship before it left us to go to Ecuador ? At least several other students were lucky enough to score themselves rings and earrings!

We made it back on the ship with one minute to spare! It is now hot tub time! (I mean… It is now time to study!!)

Next Port: Manta, Ecuador!!

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