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  • National Archaeological Museum Going to this museum was cool. We got in and it was bigger than I was expecting. The biggest sculpture I saw there was one of a boy on a horse, a jockey racing to win the race. This bronze sculpture was so interesting to me and it was one of the most fascinating out of all the others because of how well it was sculptured. It was made very well; you can tell from the skin of the horse, it had veins showing like as if it’s running at full force to win. It was unlike any other sculpture I’ve seen while in Athens. I also learned that some of these sculptures depict famous gods and goddesses that I’ve read of before in my world history class. Specifically, one sculpture made out of marble was unlike any other I’ve seen. This sculpture depicted Aphrodite holding her sandal ready to defend herself against a goat-footed god while a winged god comes to her rescue. It was an interesting statue that looked like a story within itself; without any description, one can interpret so much with just the look of the statue. This is what I enjoyed most about these statues, that you can read a story just from the looks and expression of each statue.
  • Museum of Greek Culture This museum was fun! As soon as you walk in, you see a statue of an old man’s body type. It looks like a real person’s body when you stand next to it except it has no head. Lol. Every floor told a different story. The first floor was where the sculptures, statues, and jewelry were displayed. The second floor had tapestry rooms that depicted how the rooms of the royal families looked like, which showed to be full of colors! Nothing was white; everything was red, blue, purple, gold, orange! So many colors! It was breathtaking. I sat there a minute and saw how pretty these rooms were decorated; there is nothing like it! The top floor was my favorite because it had a display of all the costumes used in a movie that Emma Stone was in, “Poor Things.” This part of the museum reminded me of the Met Gala in New York because you get to see all the dresses and suits these actors and actresses wore!
  • Panathenaic Stadium This has to be one of the top 2 experiences while in Athens! I got to learn so much about the Olympics and how it started off! This stadium is the only stadium made entirely out of marble! There is a specific spot where only the king and queen could sit (the perfect seat in the whole stadium). I got to see where the Olympians would get ready, I got to see where the locker rooms were, what the awards looked like, and old newspapers published about the Olympics! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I got to see and touch where Olympians once played! It felt unreal!
  • Our Farewell Dinner The farewell dinner food was one of my favorites! This lasagna felt so good in my mouth; it reminded me of my grandma’s cooking. It felt like it was made with love if that makes sense. My favorite part about this dinner, however, was actually seeing how happy and emotional Katerina got when we gifted her a tip. She made me tear up a bit because I felt the emotions; I felt how much love she had for her country and showing us foreigners why it’s important to tour her country. I felt very connected to Katerina the whole trip. She even said that I reminded her of her because I love history just like she does and I always asked so many questions, which I saw and knew she liked about me. I got to learn about her country but more importantly what she loves about her country and why she loves her job, which made me happy. I love meeting passionate people, and I’m so grateful I met her.
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