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Blog 6: Last few days as a Greek!

Panathenaic Stadium

It was a long walk to the Panathenaic Stadium, that made it all worth it when we arrived. Out of all the historic monuments we have seen, this, “The First and Only Marble Olympic Stadium” was definitely my favorite. We listened to an audio with 12 stops, that coordinated while you walked around the stadium. We sat on chairs that only the VIPs and royals used to sit in, and we walked into the locker rooms and changing rooms of these players.  It was a steep climb all the way to the top but we managed to do it and the view was marvelous. Of course, you saw the Acropolis from this point as well. The stadium was originally built in 330 BC and then rebuilt in 144 AD. Since it is the only stadium built of marble the Greeks gave it a nickname, Kallimarmaro which means “beautiful marble”. This was actually where the first-ever Olympic games were held making Athens a huge mark in sports history. It was the largest in the world and still the only one to hold its classical ancient form. After walking and learning about the Panathenaic stadium it was time to meet with Professor Dodge and discuss our class objectives and what we have learned from the trip.

National Archaeological Museum & Museum of Greek Culture

Both of these museums were such a cool experience! The National Archaeological Museum was incredible, as soon as we entered, we were greeted by many fascinating exhibits from different eras of Greek history. The sculptures were extremely detailed and some of my favorites. There were large, impressive statues and smaller, intricate ones, each with a different past. We also saw a lot of pottery that depicted everyday life, mythology, and historical events. In this museum, there was also a lot of jewelry, and pieces, made from gold, silver, and beautiful stones. Another cool section was the tools and weapons. These items provided insight into how the Greeks lived and fought. Visiting the Museum of Greek Culture was a wonderful experience. The museum was filled with history and art, each with different galleries, sculptures, jewelry, and tapestries. Each floor showcased a different aspect of Greek life. My favorite exhibit was the one with grand statues of gods and heroes, it also had vibrant tapestries that were once in royal rooms. Overall, the National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Greek History was a fantastic experience. Seeing so many ancient artifacts helped me appreciate Greece’s rich history and culture.

Farewell Dinner

Our final dinner was the perfect way to end our trip. We enjoyed a delicious pasta we had once at the Cheese Factory, there was Greek salad, and appetizers we devoured! We also sang Happy Birthday to two students whose birthday was during the trip! After dinner was over, we said a sad goodbye to Katerina, who was an amazing tour guide for us, and later went off to do some last-minute shopping in Plaka. It was a wonderful way to end our night in Athens. This trip has been very enlightening to me, it was such a fun experience and I can not wait to come back and explore more parts of this beautiful country!

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