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Blog 6 – final sites

National Archaeological Museum 

The National Archaeological Museum was pretty interesting. it was full of statues and artifacts of Greek history. it was a verity of marble statues form Greek gods to Greek architecture. there was an audio tour available but me and my roommate decided to walk through at our own pace again.

Museum of Greek Culture

The museum of Greek culture was a smaller mean that the ones we had been to previously but it was still really cool. It had tons of artifacts from Greece’s history. it had a verity of items ranging from clothing exhibits, pottery and a little bit of what looked like Christianity.

Panathenaic Stadium

The Olympic stadium was massive, its crazy to think that it was once used for ancient sports. it is still used to this bay for music festivals and some sporting events. the stadium also had an audio tour which I decided to use this time it took me throughout the whole stadium and the Olympic touch museum. I didn’t know they saved all of  the touches in Athens. a the end of the tour I raced two of my classmates on the track in the stadium, it was a really close race. I think its safe it say that us three became Olympians that day.

Our Farewell Dinner

For Our final dinner it was really emotional. Our tour guide took us to a traditional Greek restaurant a little bit off the main area, it was delicious, the main course was moussaka, I devoured my whole plate. someone ended up not wanting their plate so they offered their swerving to me, I also devoured the entire thing. the moussaka was really good. towards the end of the dinner everyone put together a pot of money so we could tip out tour guide because she did amazing. I was tasked with giving her the money and when I gave her the money initially she refused but when she took it she gave me the biggest hug and tears of joy were shed. She took such good care of the group and was so happy that she got to tour us around.

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