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National Archaeological Museum

We visited a couple of museums this week such as the National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Greek Culture. The National Archaeological Museum was such a sight to behold. Even before walking in, the exterior of it was so grand. Inside, the museum displayed many artifacts from ancient times such as tools, pots, statues and even human remains. I walked around the entirety of the museum, and my favorite parts were the statues.

Museum of Greek Culture

We visited this next museum a little later in the week. It was quite the trek to get there, but I was happy to be welcomed by the air conditioning upon entering the building. This museum is comprised of many floors with many exhibits to see. My favorite one was the Poor Things exhibit on the second floor from the top. This showcased a projector playing clips from the movie as well as costumes from the movie. The other floors displayed the clothes of what would have been worn during different times in Greece history.

Panathenaic Stadium

It seemed like we saved the best for last because we visited this historical site on our last day together. The Panathenaic Stadium was where the first ever Olympic games were held. It was much bigger than I had imagined it being, especially the stairs to get the higher seats. Following along with the audio guide, I walked around the stadium as I heard the story of it. It was relaxing to just sit in the seats and take in the view of the stadium as I imagined watching the games here.

Our Farewell Dinner

The farewell dinner was bittersweet. Although I was ready to go home to see my dog and lay in my own bed, I had such a blast in Greece and created so many memories. The restaurant we went to was really nice and a great way to end the trip. After we said our goodbyes, we headed back to the hotel to finish packing. Since I was leaving with my family in the morning, my dad came over to help move my things to where my family was staying for a smooth transition in the morning.


This trip felt both short and long, but not without any meaning to it. I left Greece with expanded horizons and immense appreciation of the country and its culture. The places we visited were full of the country’s history and it was so exciting to explore them. I will always be grateful for this study abroad and the knowledge I brought back with me from it.

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