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Today we went to a cute little island/town 40 minutes away by ferry from Athens. This town reminded me of those little towns you see in movies where everyone knows everyone and everything is less than 25 minutes by car. All the places I visited were in walking distance from one another. When we got off the ferry, I went and saw what was around the port, which was a bunch of cute little restaurants and kiosks, and people trying to make you try their pistachio cream, which I indeed did. Lol. I ordered myself a pistachio cream and Nutella flavored crepe and it was delicious! I then headed to the beach, the one less crowded from the one that was near the port. This beach was the same beach just 5 minutes walking distance from the first one I saw. It was beautiful and crystal clear! However, there were so many rocks that I ended up going to see the one I had passed previously that was packed with people. This beach was way better and more comfortable since it had beach chairs and an umbrella. I couldn’t believe what I was paying for 2 beach chairs and an umbrella, only 10 euros, no time limit either!! I’m so used to the Miami way of things, so when I heard that price, I felt it was too good to be true.

We then headed to a restaurant looking over the beach we were at and the food was overpriced! I ordered a shrimp pasta for 17 euros! Not bad when you think of it, but when I ate the food, the shrimp tasted recooked or just cooked wrong overall. To be paying almost 20 bucks for a pasta that was horrible made me a little upset; this was definitely the worst meal I had during my whole trip in Greece! The service for this restaurant was HORRIBLE, to the point that it almost ruined the good day I was having! The waitress we had seemed to be hating her job or hating me—anything I asked for like a cup of water, a napkin, the check?!—came with an eye roll and a mean stare. This restaurant was the worst! Apart from that annoying experience, I still managed to enjoy the rest of my time at the beach and napping.

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