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It’s time for an island adventure! This is the day that I was most excited for because of the opportunity to explore a whole island (especially the beaches) through a scavenger hunt. The day started off with us taking the metro to take a ferry to Aegina. I was a little nervous because I realized I forgot my ear patches to combat sea sickness. Luckily, the boat ride there was short and very comfortable.


Upon arrival, my friends and I stopped at a bakery that was right outside the port to come up with a game plan. Right next to that bakery was one of the places on the scavenger hunt: the Dionysus pistachio deli products. Since we were right there, we snapped our photo, and then we decided on our plan: we were going to rent ATVs to explore Aegina.


Although I love taking the backseat when it comes to all things driving, I thought it would be fun to drive an ATV. After all us drivers took a little test run to become familiar with the vehicles, set out on our journey. It was so exciting riding on them around the island. However, my main mission was getting to the beach.

Scavenger Hunt

Our first stop was the beach. This beach was about 30 minutes from the port and was so beautiful. The only thing I didn’t like about it was getting into the water because you have to cross over a floor of pebbles at the shore to get to the sandy part of the water. Those pebbles were very hard and uncomfortable to walk on. However, the water was nice and cold, the perfect opposite of the hot and sunny days of Greece. After the beach, we headed out to finish the scavenger hunt. All the sites we came across were astonishing. It was great to witness these historical monuments still standing as an integral part of Aegina’s culture. On the way, we started feeling peckish, so we stopped at a restaurant that was near the port. I wanted to try something new, so I ordered sea bream. It was so delicate and flavorful, and it was the perfect meal to cap off the day. At least it was until we decided to grab some pistachio ice cream after we returned the ATV’s. After our ice cream, we took the ferry back and returned to the hotel. Since we had some down time this night, I hung out with my parents in their hotel room where we ordered in some burgers.

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