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Aegina was probably one of the days I looked forward to the most, not just because it was a semi-free day but because the place looked so beautiful online and I just couldn’t wait to see it in person. When we first arrived and began the Scavenger hunt, we got a couple really easy but at one point, we began asking locals for help guiding us since it started to get really hot. We passed by a couple shops which sold bikinis, Aegina gift shops, and others. Although our plan was to stay in one of the nearby beaches, we met a very nice man who pointed us toward Moni Island as a very cool spot to chill at. The little boat that took us was the cutest thing and we were able to see the water beneath us, so clear and blue. The views as we went there were unbelievable. The island itself was small with animals wandering around with people as well. Despite the few squabbles we had with the people that work there, we had an amazing time. We got chairs and umbrellas, got a couple drinks and food, and we just sunbathed for majority of the day. 

When we got back to Aegina, there was the cutest ice cream shop which had probably the nicest workers we have met on this entire trip. Aegina was both a historical site with gorgeous sites as well as beautiful tourist attractions such as the beaches, boats, and ATV’s. The scavenger hunt was actually really fun because we were able to explore the city at our own pace but also interact with the local people and have a more intimate experience that also allowed us to learn and have fun at the same time. 

The ferry was a great experience, I had never been inside a boat that big and to my surprise, the seats were much more comfortable than airplane ones. I’m so grateful I didn’t feel seasick because that definitely would’ve made a dent to the entire day. Overall, I had so much fun at Aegina and will definitely be back. 

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