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Blog 4: Wine and Cheese and Markets, Oh My!

The Winery

I had never tried wine before, so I was definitely looking forward to getting a taste of different wines in Greece. We got to explore a winery in the town of Atalanti, and learn about how the bottles are made and distributed. When walking into the distillery, you can just smell the wine right away. Even before we were about to walk in, you can smell it. When we got to actually tasting the wine, we were offered cheese and pretzel sticks on the side with our drink. We tried white, rose, and red wine. Sorry to say that I personally did not like any of them. The cheese and pretzel sticks were delicious though.

Feta Cheese Producer

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I’m not a fan of feta cheese. Therefore, I wasn’t entirely looking forward to the trip to Pagonis Dairy Products, but was still interested in learning about the production of the cheese nonetheless. What I expected to do was learn how to make feta cheese, but instead we all sat around in chairs and learned about how the cheese is made as well as the history behind Pagonis Dairy Products. Afterwards we got to try some of the cheese. There was feta of course, but also other cheeses to choose from that didn’t taste so bad.

Athens Central Market

Our tour guide Vicky showed us the marketplaces in Athens, most of which we had already walked through. We went into the fish market which had the WORST smell. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself some seafood, but do I like smelling my seafood before it’s cooked? Absolutely not. Then, we walked around a little more and explored the fruits and vegetable market, which was right in front of the hotel we were staying at. There was also this market that had a ton of knick knacks, such as cameras, statues, rings, paintings, you name it. This was directly next to the hotel and we never got to explore it until this day. Lastly, we walked through Monasteraki Square and got to see some of the clothing and souvenir shops. We got released to walk around for a bit and I ended up buying a shirt that had a graphic design of the Greek goddess Athena on it. Now it is one of my favorite shirts.


The following days weren’t so bad. I got to make some new friends and hang out with them. There were some really good food places that I enjoyed eating at, one of them being this local Italian restaurant called Tarantella Locale Italiano. I know I’m in Greece and Italian food is the last thing I should be eating, but it was so delicious! After the group dinner on Sunday, I honestly got tired of the Greek food. Don’t get me wrong, the gyros and souvlaki were great, but I wanted to eat something else for a change.

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